Crew Photos – April 25th


The Hab


Searching for historical artifacts.




Searching for signs of life.


A triumphant return.

Crew Photos – April 20th

Martian expedition




Belgium in Utah


Maybe rain at the station


Ninja pizza


Astronaut wandering

Crew Photos – April 18th



A bit of geology.




Com experiment.


Looking at Mars.


Hello from Mars.

Crew Photos – April 17th

Preparing field experiments


The Martian


Mmmmh turkey


Muon experiment


Riding to EVA


Planting rice

Crew Photos – April 16th

Just out of the station


Coach and hoover




Quad squad


The Station


EVA Team

Crew Photos – April 15th

Careful driver


Checking the zone


Spacesuit room


Stay serious


This is the hab


Bread or pizza

Crew Photos – March 2nd

Engineering check seen from the Optnivent glasses


Arthur and Mouadh on the crash site


Taking off the captor


Arthur and Mouadh besides the seismometer


Lettuce growing in the Vegidair

Crew Photos – March 1st

Inflating the balloon 1

Inflating the balloon 2


Balloon gaining altitude


Crew from above


Station from the sky

Station seen from above

Earth is actually going round

Crew Photos – February 28th

Blueberrie pankakes for mardi gras


Louis watching me


Remake of the recovery position


Short EVA under the sun


Studious atmosphere