Crew Photos – May 25th

Moments before Earth Balloon destroyed with laser.png


Preview of rocket ship marshalling


Testing lighting conditions for runway lamps after heading indoors due to the storm


Cassie and Charie in Green Mars North


Earth Balloon destroyed with laser

Crew Photos – May 26th

Our Hab cat


Juan walking for my camera


Earth Awareness Day balloon


Charlie viewing


Charlie setting alignment


Juan flying our shuttle home

Crew Photos – May 24th

First image from the mission as we look for M81


Juan checking the solar panels


Juan searching for the mountain to name after Charlie


No rain on Mars


Women of Mars


A taste of earth from Juan

Crew Photos – May 22nd

Ozzy, Jack, and Crew 181


After the deluge


The Right Stuff



Film Crew and Mars Crew


Commander Cassie and Crewmember Avishek

Crew Photos – May 21st

A riveting game of CATAN


Avishek and the sunrise


Avishek in the airlock


Avishek on an ATV


Cassie catching some internet

Crew Photos – May 20th

A starry night by Cassie


An artist and a scientist


Juan Plein Martian Air drawing


Juan’s drawing of Janet


Musk Observatory


Juan’s drawing of the Hab

Crew Photos – May 19th

A birthday wish from Mars


Astronaut with tripod


Dueling cameras with Cassie and Olly


Olly with solar panels


This is what an artist crew packs for Mars


Waiting for sunrise

Crew Photos – May 18th

Charlie sporting the new patch


Commander Cassie greating us in the airlock


Leaving the Hab on EVA


Light going down on EVA


Reading and writing in the Hab


Walking to URH South Side

Crew Photos – May 17th

Cassie in a kodak moment


Cassie, Charlie, Juan climbing back to the rovers


Charlie, Cassie, and Avishek preparing for return trip


Juan and Olly run outside to capture amazing sunset!


Juan photographing


Charlie and Juan on EVA

Crew Photos – May 16th

Avishek planting


View from the top


Top of Hab Ridge


In the airlock


Charlie with headset


Charlie putting on gloves