Crew Photos – May 15th

Cassie and Charlie on First EVA


First EVA team


Looking for bones


Looking for samples


On the way back to the Hab


Suiting up in the Hab

Crew Photos – May 10th

Commander reading


It rains on Mars


Martian streams


Talking about politics


Yair cooking esquites

Crew Photos – May 9th

Mexican Journalists


Planning on the Map


Yair and his National Flag


Yair posing for a picture


Yendry and Camilo Collecting Lichens

Crew Photos – May 5th

Short EVA


Gabriel Testing his Rover


Gabriel Setting his Rover


Exhausted Astronaut


Crew Dancing

Crew Photos – May 4th



Lunch together


Setting up our flags


Welcoming the Producers


Coordinating the taking

Daily Summary – May 3rd

Camilo and Yair enjoying a selfie


Crew having a meal


Microrganism collection


Programmed EVA


Yendry and Gabriel setting the microgravity machine


Yendry at her lab

Crew Photos – April 27th

Field Medical Care


Attacked by local Martain Life


In Habitat Sheltering


In Habitat preparing lunch with a Sonic Screwdriver


In Habitat Construction


In Habitat Briefing in Crisis


In Habitat -handling- the crisis