Crew Photos – December 22nd

Geoffreys fresh-baked bread kept morale high in the afternoon
GreenHab officer Sean scrutinizes the germination of seeds for the GreenHab
Our planned EVA was cancelled due to inclement weather but at least it looked pretty!
Snowfall on Mars!
The crew relaxed in the evening with a spirited round of charades
Brittany waters some fresh transplants in the GreenHab
Commander Gibson took a break from commanding to draw this beautiful Mars mandala

Crew Photos – December 21st

The EVA team departs
Sean inspects plants as darkness falls in the GreenHab
GreenHab officers Brittany and Sean tend to some lettuce plants
Brittany waters some new transplants
Connor takes a selfie as the EVA crew prepares to leave
Anselm prepares to release Bernie the pack rat into the
wild. Be free, Bernie!!
Connor and Alison get into the spirit of the EVA
Connor, Alison, and Anselm pose during the EVA

Crew Photos – December 20th

Bernie the Pack Rat


Brittany helps Alison Suit Up


Brittany hold her crew members’ shadows on Lower Blue Hill


EVA Team 2


Jumping for Joy


Overlooking the Hab


Anselm and Alison Adventure


EVA Team 1