Crew 175

Arthur Lillo (Crew commander)

Arthur Lillo will be the Commander of our MDRS 175 mission. He is one of the two French-Spanish crewmembers of our rotation. Master 2 student at ISAE-SUPAERO he was also crew astronomer of the MDRS 164 mission, and so is one of our veterans on this mission. Very active in the space associations in ISAE, he was in charge of the Supaero Space Section Scalar-2 rocket project and has just finished an internship at CNES (French Space Agency). His hobbies include diving and playing the drums in the Supaero jazzband.





Louis Maller (Executive Officer)

Louis Maller will be the Executive Officer of the MDRS-175 mission. This Master 2 student grew up in the United States of America. He’s fond of Russia and Russian culture. Currently in exchange within the Bauman Mocow State Technical University, he’s about to do a five-month internship in the European Astronaut Center in Cologne. He’s the former Crew Engineer of the MDRS-164 mission. Involved in the life at ISAE Supaero, he’s a member of the Supaero Space Section, ISAE Space Association, improvisation and geopolitics and used to be an active member in the Student Arts Association.





Xavier Rixhon (Crew Engineer)

Xavier Rixhon will be the crew engineer of the MDRS 175 mission. Former treasurer of the Mars Analog Research and Simulation club, he was at the time member of the back-up crew, and is now THE Belgian crewmember of the mission. He received his SUPAERO diploma in 2016, was president of the Supaero diving club, a sport that he helped introduce to students from an Education Priority Zone. He has finished his final internship in Australia and is the mission’s senior crewmember.







Simon Bouriat (Health and Safety Officer)

Simon Bouriat will control the Health and Safety of the MDRS-175 mission and is the other French-Spanish member of the crew. Master 1 student, he’s the current president of the Mars Analog Research Station association and in charge of the entertainment during the graduation celebration, Supernova – Gala ISAE. Raised in a medical environment within his family, he passed the first aid certificate and studied medical aspect of the suborbital flights during 2016 edition of the Student Aerospace Challenge. He’s currently applying for a Master of Science Philosophy in London. In his free time, he does fencing, swimming and skydiving.







Louis Mangin (Crew Journalist)

Louis Mangin will be the crew journalist of the MDRS 175 mission, and therefore will be in charge of writing the journalist reports that you will enjoy during our three-weeks. Also a member of OSE l’ISAE, he regularly helps out students from Education Priority Zone. A sportsman, he runs the marathon, rows for the ISAE-Supaero team, which was in the finals of the students’ championships, and helped organized Supaerowing, a student rowing competition. He helped build a school in Antsirabe in Madagascar during three weeks. His hobbies include poker and commenting politics.







Mouadh Bouayad (Crew Astronomer)

Mouadh Bouayad, French ISAE-SUPAERO student from a Moroccan family will be crew astronomer for our mission. Master 1 student at ISAE-SUPAERO, he is a very active member of the association. He organized a conference with Alain Souchier, president of the French Chapter of the Mars Society, about Martian analog simulations. He also participated to the Student Aerospace Challenge 2015-2016. He is currently the president of a sports club in Supaero and member of the microdrone club.







Victoria Da-Poian (GreenHab Officer)

Victoria Da-Poian is the GreenHab officer for our MDRS 175 mission. Master 1 student at ISAE-Supaero, she is currently ambassador for social opening at the school (OSE l’ISAE Supaero). She organized SpaceUp France in Toulouse which was held in February, and is vice-president of the ISAE Junior Entreprise. Active in the Space field, after the mission she will be an intern at the European Astronauts Center in Cologne and then will study for one semester in Moscow. On her free time, and plays the violin and climbs.