Daily Summary – May 23rd

Crew 181 Daily Summary Report

May 23rd, 2017


MDRS Daily Summary Report for SOL 10


Summary Title: The Laziest Day on Mars

Mission Status: The laziest and most uneventful day on Mars so far, filled wth Catan and a real breakfast.

Sol Activity Summary: Morning EVA was great for Charlie and Avishek.

Sleeping in is a luxury on Mars. Luckily, we all did that this morning after our very long day with Ozzy Osbourne yesterday. We are down to a crew of four, as we dropped off Avishek to his Earth shuttle last night as well. The mood has changed, but our mission remains the same.

Always something new on Mars. We were dealing with less than pleasant smells yesterday afternoon, and today it became very apparent we had a toilet problem. Charlie (with radio help from Dr. Shannon) was able to come up with a temporary fix that still allows us to all “do our business.” After Charlie’s literally dirty work, we decided to break into our real egg reserve to make REAL scrambled eggs. Charlie deserved it! And with a few slices of bacon from Crew 180, some tortillas and half of hamburger buns, and some strawberry jam, we had ourselves a real Earth breakfast!

Naps and more writing continued through the afternoon until we were met up again with meal time: chicken and cheese quesadillas and left over spaghetti and meat sauce. Now we are playing more Catan before it gets dark enough to us the observatory.

Look Ahead Plan: EVAs planned for tomorrow. Observatory time tonight or a movie. A few of us really want to watch Hidden Figures, so I think that’ll be the next movie pick!

Anomalies In Work: We are having major leakage of the toilet sewage tank under the Hab and into the EVA prep space. Charlie will has sent a special report and I assume more will be in his engineering report.

Weather: Sunny and cool, not windy.

Crew Physical Status: Well rested and relaxed.

EVA: none

Reports to be Filed: journalist report, EVA report, and EVA request.

Support Requested: None at the moment.


Prepared by Cassandra



Cassandra Klos

Commander, Crew 181