Astronomy Report – May 21st

Crew 181 Astronomy Report 21 May 2017

Name:  Janet Biggs     Crew: 181
Date: Sol 7 (20 May 2017)
Sky Conditions: Clear

Wind Conditions:

Observation Start Time: 22:30

Observation End Time: 24:30

Summary: Since I am a novice, the learning curve is a bit slower for me than anticipated.  Our Engineer Charlie has been working with me, which has been helpful.  We are both reading guides and manuals during the day to familiarizing ourselves with the equipment.  We are still trying to set our two-star alignment.  We were able to view and center Mizor last night in the finderscope.  Although it did not appear centered in the Telrad.

We are still having trouble focusing the telescopes 2” eyepiece.  If you can give us any tips here it would be appreciated as we cannot complete a two-star alignment until we master focusing.

I was able to take some video images of Charlie working inside the Observatory … one of my goals for my mission!

We are eager to try again, but last night was too cloudy and we had to get the station ready for our media guest.  Tonight, we have a media visit from Ozzy Ozbourne so I’m not sure if we will be able to try any viewing.

Objects Viewed: Mizar and Alcor

Problems Encountered: No problems, other than the above mentioned focusing problem.