Daily Summary – May 17th

Crew 181 Daily Summary Report

May 17th, 2017

MDRS Daily Summary Report for SOL 4

Summary Title: Dodging Rain for a Successful EVA

Mission Status: Informative meeting with Dr. Shannon followed by a long EVA whilst dodging the rain.

Sol Activity Summary Dr. Shannon came back to her home planet today. She came into simulation so we could have a long discussion about MDRS and what is expected of our Mars crew. This turned into a long interesting conversation among crewmembers about the ideal government we might need on Mars (avoiding Earth politics discussions as much as possible.) We welcomed Olly back to the Hab and prepared for our evening EVA.

Dinner was prepared by Janet and Olly and was delicious! Tuna and couscous! We are now all scrambling to finish our reports! 😉

Look Ahead Plan: We will be submitting an EVA request tomorrow, otherwise we are hoping to have honorary crewmember Olly stay over tomorrow night so he can get the full experience before his final day on Friday.

Anomalies In Work: We reset the hot water heater and still do not have hot water coming out, no matter how much water we pump through. Charlie will talk about this in his engineering report.

Weather: Cloudy, unusually cold and slight rain.

Crew Physical Status:  All are in good spirits – after a slight fall yesterday during EVA, Janet has a bruised forearm that we are monitoring. Cassandra has a mysterious scraped knee. I think we’ll both survive.

EVA: Four crewmembers when to Gateway of Lith.

Reports to be Filed: journalist report, engineering report, EVA report (sent), EVA request (sent), mission statement, and crew headshots (sent).

Support Requested: About the hot water heater, if you have any advice.

Prepared by Cassandra


Cassandra Klos

Commander, Crew 181