Daily Summary – May 7th

Prepared by Victor Roman, Crew Journalist

Date May 7 2017

MDRS Sol 9 update

The first hours of the sol were normal. We evaluated the damage caused by the wind and found the tunnels were bent. Later each of us went to our place to continue working with our projects. After that we had lunch and as usual talked about ourselves.

The rest of the day has been different. Crew members went out for a programmed EVA and one of them had an accident in rover. The vehicle flipped twice and the driver passed out for few seconds. The rover, a helmet and a ATV got broken but the crew member is in a good condition.

However, just to be safe, a commission was formed in order to drive the crew member to Grand Junction’s hospital. The group left around 7pm and they are expected to arrive around 10pm to the hospital. As this is a very particular situation, we have broken sim for the rest of the sol and probably solmorrow.

We will notify CapCom as soon as we have more information about the crew member’s condition. However he should be fine: he had not visible signs of being hurt, just minor scratches.