GreenHab Report – May 5th

Crew 180 Greenhab Week Report 5 May 2017

Here on Mars, operations in the greenhab have been somewhat difficult due to the high temperatures that occur inside the greenhab, which have oscillated from Sol 1 to Sol 5 between 49.6°C – 53°C, relative humidity 1%, making impossible to operate there. Likewise, physalis cultivation was located into the growing chamber inside the laboratory, and so far have not presented signs of germination.
From my perspective, the greenhab is operational on late autumn and throughout the winter, but from mid-spring and summer, it is inoperative.
So far, everything is going great with our projects and I hope to have good news about the physalis during the weeknd!! (Fingers crossed)
Hope to hear from you soon, greetings to mother earth.
Kind regards,

Camilo Andres Reyes
Crew 180 – LATAM1
Mars Desert Research Station