Daily Summary – March 1st

Crew 180 Daily Summary Report 01052017

MDRS Daily Summary Report for sol (1)

Summary Title (We started the simulation. We had a talk with Shannon. The laboratory was prepared for working and we received the student visitors from a school on earth. Everyone started preparing their project)

Mission Status: (All is fine)

Sol Activity Summary: (We talked to Shannon about the rules on the station. We set the protocols for EVAs and the house. We learned about how to use the EVAs. All the food was counted to be distributed in a better way. We decided to have a shower every 2 or 3 days but just using 8 liters of water. The crew defined Lima-Alpha-Tango-One as the Hab communication password. During our fisrt EVA on SOL-1 we have started at 11:35. We defined the time inside the airlock as one minute before going out)

Look Ahead Plan: (Tomorrow three crew members will have a EVA in the morning. We will start working in the Green Hab and in the laboratory. We will have crew session with Leonardo Valencia with the aim of explaining us about their project)

Anomalies in work: (No problems so far)

Weather: Sunny

Crew Physical Status: The Crew is ok

EVA: (The crew drove along the road till quary Rd in the Special Region Zone

Easting 518500, Northing 4255800 for samples collection of the surface by

the commander Corrales, Y.

The green hab officer Reyes, C. take some pics along the road and helped to the commander to collect the samples.

The EVA Officer Pina, Y. tested the active radiation monitoring and the video-position system through smartphone. The systems are operating adequate.

The crew successfully concluded the EVA at 13:30 and received Earth visitors from Colorado, US to show the hab, lab, and Musk observatory.)

Reports to be file: (Journalist, engineering report and EVA request)

Support Requested: No support

Prepared by: Yendry Corrales and Yair Piña