XO Report – April 28th

04.28.2017 Sol 5

We jumped into early this morning and assembled for breakfast and lectures at 08:00.  We had two behavioural health lectures and then went straight into our EVA preparation.  We had another exploratory mission planned today in addition to an ex-Hab construction project.  Unfortunately, a medical emergency with one of the crew members resulted in a delta evacuation to base.

Debrief after the EVA focused largely on how to deal with bad outcomes in an extraterrestrial environment.  There was good participation from the entire team.

The debrief was followed up by ultrasound testing of the crew members as part of Rick Cole’s ultrasound study.  The testing continued as we rolled into further lectures on ultrasound applications in space.

The crew also reviewed a proposal for research at the Hab in the afternoon.  It is a proposed study on isolation and mood, which is a topic of interest in prolonged space flight and extraterrestrial habitation.

We had a another lecture on Mars medical kits and then had some free time.

This is our last night in the Hab and spirits are high.