Geology Report – March 30th

rew 177 Geology Report  March 30, 2017
Crew 177 Geologist Report
Dear Mission Support,
Today is a sunny day, and we are ready to head to the geology stop “The Little Canyon”. After the delicious pancake breakfast, Becky, Esteban, Pitchayaba, and I went on the two Rovers and one ATVs with the measure tools – rope and tape.
Our mission for today’s EVA is to measure the height of the little canyon. About 15 mins, we have arrived the little canyon, and I climbed to the top of the canyon and throw the rope down to the cliff, but I held the one end of the rope, and then Esteban made a mark on the rope. We took some great pictures and videos over there. After we came back to the HAB, we measured the length of the rope, the height of the little canyon is around 18 feet. It was a great experience.
Caleb Li