Sol Summary – March 29th

Crew 177 Sol 4 Summary 29Mar2017
Person filling out Report:
Pitchayapa Jingjit—a biologist and a photographer for Crew 177
Summary Title:
Sol 4 at Mars
Mission Status:
Everyone is doing great and is hopeful about the toilet situation
SOL Activity Summary:
Improving individual/group research project and continuing the chemistry EVA. Depending on tonight’s sky, astronomy EVA may be conducted.
Look ahead Plan:
Continuing the geology EVA at the Little Canyon and depending on tonight’s sky, the astronomy EVA may be performed, and progressing through with individual/group projects.
Anomalies in Progress:
The weather is sunny in the morning and afternoon. We are expecting a clear sky tonight.
Crew Physical Status:
Everyone is better adjusted at Mars and is happy that the plumber came to the HAB.