Geologist & HSO Report – March 28th

Crew 177 Geologist & HSO Officer


This is the third day being this HAB. I still cannot get rid of the excited feeling. Today is also the media day after we woke up in the morning around 7 am, we had the interview with the National Public Radio journalist, Ms. Rae Bichell. In the morning, four people from our crew and the reporter went out for a short EVA at the Cow Patty Field. In the afternoon, Dr. Villarroel, Joseph Quass, Victoria LaBarre and I went out to the Geology EVA. We ride 2 ATVs and 1 Rover, we went to the two stops, first stop is Cow Patty field, and we collected white-coating rock sample from the geology site 1A and 1B, sketched the sedimentary structure and took some photos of the field. We spent 50 mins on this stop. The next stop is the Little Canyon, we measured the height of the canyon, collected 8 bags of the dirt samples at the canyon, and took some photos there. We spent around 50 mins. Then, we came back to the HAB to enjoy the delicious tortilla meal.


Crew health situation: Everyone feels good, but we are worried about the lack of toilet and it might affect health.


Caleb Li