Commander Report – March 26th

Crew 177 Commander’s Report 26 March 2017 Otsmar Villarroel Commander Report

26 March 2017 Sol 1

Today we officially entered sim at approximately 10:40 am after saying goodbye to the Poland Crew 176. After getting the space suits on and following the pressurization protocols, at about 1115 local time first EVA group left the HAB to complete their day’s EVA 1 duties.  We conducted two orientation EVAs. First group was led by Otsmar Villarroel while second group by Becky Parker. Both EVA groups (morning and afternoon) gained experience driving ATVs as well as using GPS navigation while staying in sim. Also both EVAs focus on helping orient crew members to their surroundings, learn major landmarks along the main ATV road Besides discovering the presence of another form of life other than us on this planet- Martian cows- crew members observed:

  • Ancient sand dunes
    • Caprock erosion from wind and water (mass wasting)
    • A mushroom shaped hoodoo
    • A creek bed exhibiting signs of efflorescence
    • A field of gypsum bordering a substantial quantity of bivalve fossils

During EVA 1, the crew remaining in the hab cleaned and organized the hab, completed and updated the food inventory and took care of lunch.  Also, both Elijah and Victoria started assembling their rover after taking it apart for travel.  The crew came together for lunch.


Second group left the HAB at 1510 local time.  During EVA 2, the crew remaining inside the hab worked on reports, research, updated the first aid kit inventory and made some bread.  Esteban spent part of the afternoon re-assembling his power generator after taking it apart for travel.  After arriving from second EVA, Engineer Elijah Espinoza completed his routine engineering round.


Dinner menu includes macaroni and cheese, mashed potatoes, and broccoli prepared by Head Chef Quaas with the assistance of Victoria LaBarre. Our plan for tomorrow includes media training, independent research, and, pending approval, a Chemistry EVA in the morning to Candor Chasma.

Crew members feel motivated and ready to face more challenges here on Mars.  However, the lack of water in the HAB has become a big issue keeping the whole crew worry.  Crew members requested more water and we expect this issue get solved anytime soon.  We are doing our best to save as much water as we can, but it is not an easy task for a crew of 8 people.
Crew 177
Crew Commander
Otsmar Villarroel