GreenHab Report – March 16th

Karolina Zawieska

16 March 2017 – Sol 5


Dear Mission Support,

Today it was a very interesting day for me as I have tried to bring some life to Green Hab. I have planted seeds, namely radish, swiss, onion and two types of flowers, as well as 5 potatoes and 1 avocado seed, all of them in separate pots (I felt like a protagonist of the film “Martian”). I am aware I will hardly see any progress during my stay in MDRS, however, I truly hope the crews that will come next, will see some grown plants and will carefully take care about them. I have left notes with the name of the plant on each pot.

I have decided to fill a watering can water on a daily basis rather than keep it fully filled inside the Green Hab. This is because it gets very hot inside and I don’t want the water to get too warm. The tap outside the Green Hab does not work, so I will need to bring water from the hab, just as I did today. The fan does not give any problems. I haven’t found any thermometer to measure the temperature inside the Green Hab but I keep the track of the temperature outside the Hab (30 C degrees today at noon).

I have brought a cactus from the field and I am planning to plant it tomorrow. I am aware it does not belong to crops, but I think the presence of even a tiny piece of green inside the Green Hab will give it a more positive look and will have a positive psychological effect on me and future Green Hab officers.


Best wishes,

Karolina Zawieska

Green Hab Officer, Crew 176