Science Report – February 28th

Science Report

Experiment : Optinvent AR Glasses
Person filling in the report: Louis Maller

I have tinkered some more with Tasker and have therefore managed to implement an interesting function on the glasses:
When you tilt the head to the left, it starts recording what you are saying, and when you tilt your head to the right it stops recording. This functionality was tested successfully during today’s EVA, with the help of Louis Mangin. We have a recording of him giving some information (level of the water tank or propane for example). The voice is clear and understandable even inside the helmet.

The tilt of the head needed is quite strong, the glasses need to be brought to a vertical position, so you have to tilt the body somewhat in order for this to work. I’m currently working to solve this issue.

During the EVA, the glasses and the computer were both connected to the same LAN network created by my phone.  The phone was on the second floor of the hab. I could see on my screen exactly what the person wearing the glasses could see, though with a slight lag. The connection was lost as they went to check the propane tank, when they disappeared behind the small hill. The disappointing thing was that even when they came back close to the hab, I was unable to get the connection with the glasses. I am also trying to solve this issue. It seems to require relaunching the AirDroid App that I am using, which I can also do by using position of the head (for example head tilted upwards works).

Experiment: Seismometer
Person filling in the report: Mouadh Bouyad

I have read the data we collected yesterday, and I think that we have coherent data, especially when it comes to the temperature. I have however noticed something weird : in most of daily measurements, I
obtain irregularities that seem very unnatural to me, almost at the same time (4pm french time).
I wonder if they are not data due to the fact that we sometimes change the key ; however, I can see the same kind of anomaly on other days, when measurements have been made continuously (without changing the key).