EVA Report – February 28th

EVA #15

Crew members (3) : Xavier Rixhon (EVA leader), Simon Bouriat and Louis Mangin (EVA buddies)

Location: Hab surroundings

Vehicules : None
Time: departure at 1.53pm and back at 2.35pm

Duration : 42 minutes

• Collecting data (water, propane and diesel levels) for engineering reports purpose
• Taking the key from the red ATV and checking other keys were correctly labeled
• Taking the last shots for illustrating our report about emergency procedures and safety  gestures
Summary :
We started with the traditional engineering check (which was the main goal of this short EVA). It was also the chance for me to show other crew members where the propane tank was, next to Shannon’s trailer. Usually, as she’s there, we never go checking it to limit the visual contact with other sources of human life.
After completing the engineering check, we verified the vehicle keys taken off the ATVs and Rovers yesterday were correctly labeled. We also took the key of the Red ATV to secure all the vehicles since the “Deimos incident” 3 days ago. By the way, by now, we never had a look at the Red ATV as we’ve been told it wasn’t working. When we took off the key from it, the key was turned on (on “I” and not on “0”). I have no idea about the issue making this ATV unusable but the battery is probably dead down by now.
We ended this EVA taking the last shots necessary to illustrate our emergency procedures and safety gestures report.