Science Report – February 27th

Science report

Experiment: Optinvent AR glasses
Person filling in the report: Louis Maller
The glasses were taken out today once again. They properly functioned during the entire engineering check (part of the team that stayed near the hab, not the one that went all the way to the diesel tank). The signal was lost only when I drove off on the ATV. That’s a good success.
Optinvent gave me access to some software that would allow me to control my glasses from my phone, but it still requires some troubleshooting because of Bluetooth issues.
Also I have been tinkering with Tasker to try to turn on apps with movements from the accelerometer, but I’m not an expert and need to improve what I have started doing.

Experiment: Seismometer
Person filling in the report: Mouadh Bouayad
We went to get back the data today; there was a lot of wind. We even had to put the sensor back to  its place again but it had barely moved. Otherwise everything was ok today.

Experiment: Aquapad:
Person filling report: Arthur
Yesterday I put a few drops of filtered water and boiled water in two
aquapad petri dishes and let them at 35°C in the Science Dome oven.
This afternoon (24 hours after), I took them out of the oven and used
the iPad application “Everywear” developed by the CNES, to count the
red points in the Aquapads (the points are caused by the growth of the
bacteria present in the water). Unfortunately, the glass of the petri
dishes was covered with fog, but it was possible to conclude that the
bacterial pollution of our water is stable: I did not see any major
variation in the quantity of red points, compared with mo observations
of the two last weeks.

Experiment: Sextant:
Person filling report: Arthur
I used the sextant three times during today’s EVA, but lost the paper
map because of the strong wind. As a result, in the afternoon I
figured out a way to determine my position on the PDF map by drawing
the lines and angles on a graphics software.
I join to this report the part of the map showing the exact position
of the seismometer, South of the Hab, with additional information
about the sextant angles.

MDRS seismo position