GreenHab Report – February 27th

Green Hab Report  – Sol 15
Report written by: Victoria DA-POIAN (Crew Biologist)

Date : 02/27/2017

Functionality: The heater in the green hab is working well. Today was a very sunny but windy day ! I checked the temperature in the GreenHab this morning. It was around 27 Celsius degrees around 10:00 AM while the temperature in the tunnel was around 6.6 Celsius degrees. I switched on the cooler on stage 1. The GreenHab temperature was 21 Celsius degrees at 4:00PM while it was 9.9 Celsius degrees in the tunnel. I watered twice the plants today.

Status: The existing seedlings in the greenhab are continuing to grow well. There are spinach, lettuce, radish, and beans growing very well in the small pots.

The lettuces are growing well too. The new lettuces I planted are growing very well too.

The Vegidair has been installed a week ago and is functionning very well. We were able to see nice sprouts of lettuce today in the Vegidair and some smaller in the similar pots I put in the GreenHab.