EVA Report – February 27th

EVA #14

Crew members (4): Arthur Lillo (EVA leader), Mouâdh Bouayad, Louis
Maller, Brian Cox (EVA buddies)

•       South of the Hab at the seismometer burial (12N 518500, 4250000)
•       The Moon area (12N 516500, 4254500)
Vehicles used: Deimos rover, 2*350 ATV

Departure time:  10:10 AM
Return time: 12:52 PM
Duration: 2 hours 42 minutes

Recover the data from the seismometer on a USB key, use the Optinvent
glasses to transmit an image of the engineering check to the Hab,
explore the Moon area with our guest Brian Cox, and use the sextant to
determine our position.

We entered the airlock later than planned because the documentary team
came at 9 AM, and we did all the briefings before the EVA. We did a 10
minutes engineering check, then headed South with the rover and the
ATVs until we reached the seismometer’s burial. The wind was terrific,
at some points it was difficult to stand up. We lost our map while we
were driving. The plates covering the seismometer were still in place,
we successfully recovered the data on a USB key. We also did an angle
measurement with the sextant, in order to compare our estimated
position with the one determined before with other reference points.
After that, we took the vehicles to go to Tank Wash, for an interview
with Brian and another sextant measurement on top of a hill. Finally,
we went to the Beige/Grey Moon area and filmed another interview. When
we went home, the wind stood strong all the way to the Hab and forced
us to drive quite slowly.