Sol Summary – January 31st

Crew 174 Daily Summary Sol – 02
We started our day with a positive news of our Crew Commander’s arrival! After the breakfast the crew members geared up for the planned activities. The first EVA experience came handy today, the preparation time of wearing EVA suits and checking radio communications was short. As per our planned EVA, the crew biologist and scientist quickly left for the same. The geological map of Mars was studied in prior to mark locations for soil collection. The EVA lasted around 2 hours and 30 mins, during the EVA the crew was able to look for 5 different types of soil in color and texture. They captured photos and videos of the red planet. The crew returned to the hab after the regular hab operations checks. In parallel, crew in the hab prepared lunch and communicated with the EVA team when needed. After EVA return, the crew members had lunch and rested.
Later, Arpan and Saroj helped Sneha organize the soil collection and prepare the pots to plant the seeds with the Martian and Earth soil with added Vitamin D, to observe their growth patterns in controlled conditions. After the soil prep, the team started to work on the reports and planned activities for tomorrow.