EVA Report – January 31st

EVA Report:
SOL: 02
Earth Date: 01/31/2017
Person filling out the report: Saroj Kumar
Crew members involved in the EVA: Saroj Kumar, Sneha Velayudhan
EVA leader: Sneha Velayudhan
Begin: 11.42 am
End: 02.00 pm
Type of EVA: Walking + Driving (Phobos)
Purpose: Mars soil sample collection for GreenHab experiments
UTM Coordinates: 1. Northing : 4251500  Easting :  519050

2. Northing: 4250250 Eastinhg: 518200
Summary: Today’s EVA was primarily dedicated for the Mars soil sample collection to test the growth of fenugreek plants. The secondary objective was to take pictures for the outreach activity. We visited the first coordinate location and took three different soil samples in different varieties consisting red, white and clay color soil. At the second coordinate location, two soil samples were collected from the old river bed. Life support system and radio communication were working perfectly fine for both the crews.