EVA Report – January 27th

EVA report:

SOL: 12

Earth date: 27/01/2017

Person filling out the report: Michaela Musilova

Crew members involved in the EVA: Niahm Shaw, Idriss Sisaid and Michaela Musilova

EVA leader: Michaela Musilova

Begin: 09:30 am

End: 1:00 pm

Type of EVA: Walking+ 2 ATVs

Purpose: Outreach activities around the Hab and last sampling of hypoliths.

UTM Coordinates: Northing : 4249100  Easting :  518000 Zone : 12 S

Summary: Outreach activities (with photos and videos) around MDRS and further hypolith sampling by the Kissing Camels ridge.