Sol Summary – January 26th

MDRS Sol Summary Report for Sol 11
Crew geologist Roy Naor
Summary Title
Whenever you climb higher and higher on Mars, there always be another summit to conquer
Mission Status:
The unstoppable team PRIMA kept on in full steam to achieve their goal, the mission is coming to an end and they are focusing on wrapping up what needs to be shipped back to earth and make their final 3D printing proof of concept.
Sol Activity Summary:
A unique day it was as the three expeditioners, took the DESERT RAT, fully mounted to drive up the stairs of Tharsis Rise to the west, this time aiming higher than ever before, to the foot of Olympus Mons. The day started with them getting dirty in the muddy Martian regolith, working on switching tire of the DESERT RAT. Stories will be told generations to come, but the essence of it all will be summarised exclusively at the lower part of this paper.
The crew Engineer took his final battle against the worst 3D printer the world had ever seen. One final brick was produced and now it’s all about building that Great Wall of Mars.
In the GreenHab, the officer continued with his altruistic actions to secure fresh food for the next crew. Now we’re all getting together for dinner celebrating the Earthling holiday of the standalone continent next to New Zealand in Earth southern hemisphere.
Look Ahead Plan:
It all goes down to wrapping up what needs to be taken back to Earth and make good preparation for pleasant welcome to our successors, crew Planeteers.One last EVA will be performed to collect any remaining necessary samples. The 3D printing project will arrive to its Grand finale tomorrow with building the first 3D printed wall on Mars.
Anomalies in work:
Other than skipping lunch for ascending the foots of Olympus Mons, no major anomalies were introduced.
 It was a lovely day on Mars, no sand storms or solar eruption and radiative wind. Nothing but the extreme cold air was interfering in getting the mission done.
Crew Physical Status:
The crew is at its best, getting a good night sleep and good exercise simultaneously.
The great commander took her private geologist and artist to front “the tallest of them all” in search of little green Martians in the plato sandstone. The commander found a variety of samples she was looking for, while the geologist found special carbonates he has been looking throughout the whole expedition, one that evaporates related and known as Caliche. The artist was at her best, documenting the vangardian achievement and using her little Lotti friend to outreach the Earthling followers with the best of scientific field work.
Reports to be filed:
sol 11 summary
Eva report
Eva request
Journalist’s report
Operations report
Support Requested:
 Water resupply and water pump leak fixing